Bagni Misteriosi Milan

Image by Susanna Baggio

Bagni Misteriosi – A tip-top swim in the city

I have to admit I had heard a lot about Milan’s Bagni Misteriosi before going and I thought it would be way too fancy a swimming pool for me, but once I got there I felt like I wanted to go back again and again.

Located in a rather hidden block within the Porta Romana neighborhood – one of the loveliest in Milan, arguably -, Bagni Misteriosi is an open-air public swimming pool with a twist: you can rest comfortably on the synthetic grass as well as on the terrace, or on the wooden platform right on the water. The entrance is cheaper during weekdays and in the morning (10:00 till 14:00), and of course it’s highly recommended to book in advance, but either way these “mysterious baths” are just super beautiful, relaxing (and clean): far away from Milan’s noisy traffic, and right in front of Teatro Franco Parenti nonetheless, one of the best theaters in the city, as a matter of fact.

I don’t really get to go to the pool quite often, but there’s not much competition around town for me. So the next thing I’m definitely trying this summer is one of their exclusive openings at night: can’t wait!

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Details about this spot



Via Carlo Botta 18, Milan

Telephone number


Opening Times

10:00 - 18:30 daily


W/E daily fee: € 14.40


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