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BIVIO – Second-hand fashion heaven

Run by San Francisco native Hilary Belle Walker, Bivio was the very first fashion resale shop to see the light of day in Milan, in 2013. Up to about a decade ago, with a few notable exceptions, the sense of style of the average Joe was usually determined by seasonal trends; in the latest years, however, vintage fashion started blowing up again and thanks to a few brick-and-mortar retro and second hand shops both girls and boys were finally able to dress up in a more creative and affordable way, even in the Italian capital city of Fashion.

Bivio buys and resells unique clothes and accessories that come from both your grandmother’s closet and fashion bloggers’ collections: and Bivio is always worth a visit precisely because they’ll display a stylish Gucci jacket from the 1980s as well as the latest most popular sweatshirt. On top of that, Bivio attracts loyal customers with flash sales, DJ sets and happy hours.

Apart from a renovated sense of style and an enjoyable shopping experience, Bivio’s mission is also to be sustainable exactly because it gives a second life to items that would otherwise be thrown away, lest we forget that the fashion industry is one of the main responsible actors for pollution worldwide.

So yeah: get ready to buy, sell, swap and browse around Bivio in search for your next great outfit. As the tags here at Bivio say: this is fashion for those who have style… to sell!

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Details about this spot



Via Gian Giacomo Mora 4, Milan

Telephone number


Opening Times

11:00 - 19:30 daily


Average item: € 40


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