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Image by Francesca Vittorelli

CityLife – Ice cream with a view

One of my preferred way of spending time, especially on a summer night, is to have an ice cream after dinner and a relaxed walk with my dog: I call it the walking cone. I like ice cream very much, but I definitely love ice cream even more when I can enjoy them in beautiful places. One of these places is for sure Citylife’s park.

Here I always feel like a little superstar ant, surrounded by one of the trendiest and coolest areas in the city, where spaces are wide and airy, both on the ground and above it. The buildings around have been built so as to create a compact structure that seems to protect me from the rest of the city, whose sounds almost disappear and which I can quite easily forget here.

However difficult it is for me to eat an ice cream looking at it, here in CityLife this comes so easily, thanks to its broad and well-maintained boulevards (no risk of breaking a foot here, as happened to me last year in another park…) and to the calming power of this site… It makes me feel like I’m on holiday!

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Piazza Tre Torri, Milan

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09:00 - 21:00 daily




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