Danza Milan

Image by Francesca Vittorelli

Danza – A yellow sculture for Piazza Amendola

In 2007, Milan demonstrated its receptiveness to radical change and accepted it with sensational works, like the remediation of big areas, but also by supporting an urban transformation even on a smaller scale, promoting permanent art installations all around the city. This is the case of the sculpture “Danza” (“Dance”), dated 2006, a big yellow iron sculpture by G. Pardi, right in the middle of piazza Amendola.

I used to live very close by for five years, and that monument had become my personal landmark: for me it’s still the symbol of Milan’s transformation and of the connection between the new & the old city. I remember that when it was just inaugurated, I didn’t like it: I didn’t understand it. To me, it looked like a big iron shrub growing from the ground, with those huge broken iron lines painted yellow. So I decided to get informed and read about its history and its meaning.

The sculpture was created for a private foundation to celebrate their twenty years of activity. It donated the artwork to the municipality and it represents the idea of movement and change. It’s no coincidence that yellow in the language of art means strength and energy. Then I understood that this sculpture is perfect for Milan because it reflects its extraordinary dynamic ability.

My suggestion is to get to Piazza Amendola with the underground (the metro station is very special) and then continue through the park, towards the east, to get directly to the new area of CityLife.

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Piazza Giovanni Amendola, Milan

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