La Biblioteca degli Alberi Milan

Image by Susanna Baggio

La Biblioteca degli Alberi – Milan’s greenest area

It’s not a coincidence that the newest park in town is called “La Biblioteca degli Alberi di Milano” (BAM), for it literally is a collection of thousands of plants and trees: a true library, if you will.

About two years ago I was lucky enough to be able to go up to the 27th floor of the Diamond Tower, the BNP Paribas headquarters: works for the park were almost done at the time and this is the picture that I took that day.

What is so special about BAM, though? This park was designed by Dutch designer Petra Blaisse and inaugurated in late 2018. Together with the acclaimed Bosco Verticale, the pair of residential towers that have plants and trees on-each-darn-balcony, BAM represents a new model for greener cities. It’s both family-friendly and dog-friendly, and has several different areas and itineraries, like a real botanical garden. All sorts of things happen here, from outdoor wellness classes to cultural events.

BAM is just the first of many reforestation projects that Milan is developing and is meant to be a space to re-discover nature and create a new identity for the future city: Milan has a very strong go-green attitude and this Library is a witness to that.

Our challenge nowadays is to preserve nature and look forward to tomorrow, and parks are a perfect starting point to reconnect man to Earth. That is why more and more people choose BAM to start looking at Milan from a different perspective.

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Via Gaetano de Castillia 18, Milan

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24 hours daily



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