Palazzo della Ragione Milan

Image by Francesca Vittorelli

Palazzo della Ragione – An open secret in the city

One of Milan’s secrets is, surprisingly, a huge, ancient building: the Palazzo della Ragione. It’s one of the most beautiful constructions Milan can claim, as well as a perfect example of architectural restoration work on a medieval construction (it was built in 1251!). The secret is, in fact, not really the building itself; it is zealously guarded in its ancient structures, and I am sure most of the inhabitants of Milan themselves ignore it.

The ground floor is completely open as a portico and is the heart of this incredible site. What I truly love about this construction is that, despite taking up space, it doesn’t divide the city with its volume; on the contrary, with the void it created it is able to connect the areas on its sides.

The ground floor also hides an incredible mystery. I’ve tried it myself. Go find it out with someone special! Walk up the three steps and enter the colonnade: reach the corner column (towards the Dome) and stand face turned towards the column. Ask your friend to do the same thing in the opposite column (diagonal) of that quadrilateral. You can now confess your love, a secret or simply make a joke as if you were whispering in his/her ears!

Nobody else will hear you!

Keep the secret 🙂

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