Panini Durini Milan

Image by Matteo Carini

Panini Durini – Daily made Italian sandwiches

I discovered Panini Durini, a little Italian chain, when they opened one right in front of my university and I was gladly surprised by the kind of product that was offered there. For being a chain its quality is very good: it is a mix of closeness to the evolving customer, attention towards the characteristics of every different aliment and the best combination between flavors but also thickness of the slices cut and the texture of the bread and the ingredients.

When I first ate one sandwich I had to recognize they have an added value, compared to the other supposedly quality sandwiches around the city, which is the attention they put into always having the best quality ingredients, combining them at their best.

They now have many spots in Milan (the first one was the one that gave the name to it, in Via Durini), so wherever you are you’ll have a good chance to be close to a tasty flavory and healthy Italian sandwich and if you feel like it, please try “Prosciutto crudo e fichi” and you’ll just go nuts.

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Details about this spot



Via Durini, 26 , Milan

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Opening Times

07:00 - 20:30 daily


Sandwiches from: € 5


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