Klumba Minsk

Image by Ilya Uglianitsa

Klumba – Start your night out here

So, you are on Zybitskaya, Minsk’s main bar street, on Friday, around 23:30. You are ready to party. Probably, a crowd of other party people are around you (if it’s summer). But where exactly should you go to start a great night out? Well, let me tell you: Klumba is your perfect choice.

A quiet place with some cocktails and food turns wild on Friday and the weekend. You can expect a lot of people. Like really, a lot. Like, forget about your personal space — every time I’ve visited it, there were  people dancing in every square centimeter of Klumba’s first floor (the photo was taken on a working day. Sorry!)

I would say this is not a place for introverts. Because of the number of people, you will need to try really hard to avoid any social interactions. In a couple of minutes, you can easily find yourself drinking sorrel shots with some new friends. And yeah, you read that right – sorrel shots. Personally, I haven’t seen this anywhere ese but Belarus. Ok, maybe you’ve been luckier than me. But just try them here. They’re gorgeous.

You can also come to Klumba on a working day or earlier on the weekend and order some food, coffee, etc.

But I suggest you follow my advice. Come here somewhere around 23:00 or midnight, and spend some time here. Don’t hesitate to talk to people. 

And remember: your Zybitskaya night journey has just started.

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Zybitskaya str.6, Minsk

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Sun - Thu 17:00 - 01:00, Fri - Sat 17:00 - 04:00


Cocktail: BYR 10

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