Dubininskaya Street Moscow

Image by Maria Selezneva

Dubininskaya Street – Industrial charm

Dubininskaya Street might not seem like your typical street in the center of Moscow with many shopping spots. Nevertheless, it has its charm, being a street located in Zamoskvorechye, one of my favorite neighborhoods. 

It starts near Paveletsky Rail Terminal, an important transport hub, and leads to Danilovsky Monastery and Danilovsky Food Market, which is located nearby. 

In the old times, there were not that many buildings here. But many plants and factories appeared in the area when industry started flourishing, thanks to the construction of railways. To be more precise, it was in the 2nd half of the 19th century. 

Now, all those buildings are intended to be offices for rent, which actually many businesses use. That’s why on Dubininskaya Street there are a lot of small cafés and food points — they cater to those who work there. So, for me, it’s kind of a phenomenon, as Dubininskaya Street is full of people during workdays, and is completely empty on weekends.   

So, when choosing it for a walk, pleasure is guaranteed. But please don’t go there too late, as it might feel probably a little too empty. There is definitely a lot of things to see, such as, for example, gentrified edifices, old mansions, and some notable buildings. My personal favorite there is number 41 (bldg 1) which looks as if it was teleported from another era. Also, in the very beginning, you will encounter the old Church of saints Flor and Lavr “Na Zatsepe”, an important Orthodox site.

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Dubininskaya Street, Moscow

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