Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines Moscow

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Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines – Back in the USSR

This spot is either for real gamers or those who wanna experience the soviet smell. 

The word “museum” is in quotes, but not by chance. Though it’s possible to get a brief tour throughout the building, hardly anyone uses this opportunity – gaming is the main thing. Old soviet game machines (about 40 types) are presented there, most of them in working condition, so I was glad to experience them the way my parents did when they were children. Of course they’re in no way even slight copies of PlayStation but there was excitement almost every time.

Most of all I was impressed by the pneumatic basketball when you score pressing buttons. I was also glad to check out how strong (or weak) I was – “Repka” (just like a Russian fairy-tale) is a machine with a handle which you are supposed to pull out just like a bulb onion off the ground. The stronger you are, the more kgs your strength is, the better the character you appear to be.

I have to admit that time doesn’t make these machines better, in fact sometimes they turn out to be broken. But still, they’re truly Soviet.

A nice tip – all machines work with Soviet 15-kopeek coins, so if you have some, use them to keep the party going. 🙂

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Kuznetsky most st., 12, Moscow

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11:00 - 21:00 daily


Entrance fee: RUB 450


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