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Doug Daub (1981)

About me
I do a lot of things. My day differs greatly from one to the next, which I love. I have a number of jobs: I’m a realtor in Philly, have a traveling corporate job, drive Uber and Lyft once in a while, and teach tennis on occasion.

I enjoy cramming my day and trying to get the most out of each one. I would be considered an aggressive traveler as I like to see tons of things which typically leads to little sleep. I enjoy films, reading, meeting new people, and trying new things. I also love to tell stories about my travels.

All in all I would say I try my best to appreciate my life and make the most of it.

Why Philadelphia
Where can you find the birthplace of America, more cheese steaks than you can shake a stick at, Rocky Steps, and some of the most candid people in the country?

Considered a foodie and an incredibly manageable city, Philadelphia stands out in the US as one of the best to visit and live. Philly still has a neighborhood feel to it but is home to more than 2 million.

To me Philly is the right kind of dirty. It has everything that a bigger city like New York has but still large enough you can get lost if you want. It’s hard not to turn a corner and run into a mural as Philly has the most in the world with over 3,600. It’s hard not to enjoy the Little Big City that can.

Where else can you find me online?

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