Cinema Trindade Porto

Image by Camila Aldrighi

Cinema Trindade – Lights, camera, action!

Cinema Trindade is a historic and independent movie theater of Porto that reopened in 2017 for the 4th time since its last closing in 2000. Tip for the lucky ones: the movie theater shares the same building with a Bingo hall. Cinema Trindade, which has only two screens and exhibits only four sessions per day, is open every day and is definitely one of the not-hidden-at-all gems of the city.

Cinema Trindade, along with The Municipal Theater Rivoli / Campo Alegre and Passos Manuel (check the article!) forms the holy trinity of Porto’s audiovisual spectacles. A tip for locals is to buy a card called “Tripass” that costs €10 and gives you a discount of 25% on every ticket you buy, besides granting you a free movie ticket the first time you use it. Since the tickets cost €6, it’s a great deal for those who like cozy and independent movie theaters.

From time to time, you can watch some really rare movies from other countries and get to meet their creators. The movie theater also organizes thematic weeks with screenings of only French movies or Brazilian movies, for instance.

There is a bad thing and a good thing about food at Cinema Trindade. The bad thing: If you expect to buy something to eat, please don’t. This movie theater doesn’t have any snack bar, so you probably should bring your own if you want to. The good thing: there’s a supermarket in front of the place.

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Details about this spot



Rua do Almada, 412, Porto

Telephone number


Opening Times

14:00 - 23:45 daily


Normal ticket: € 6


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