Factory Smokestack Prague

Image by Katarína Mácová

Factory Smokestack – The rare vertical survivor

Coming to Libeňský most from Libeň you will walk around one of the gems from the former industrial area. The smokestack of the former textile factory of Perutz brothers stands now in the neighbourhood of office buildings Palmovka Open Park IV. on Voctářova Street.

There are 8 thousand smokestacks in Czech Republic, half of them are made from brick. And approximately 600 of them are more than a century old. The smokestack in Libeň is a piece of cultural heritage, protected since 2020. Despite the new visual icons from the modern era, the smokestack in Libeň is still eye-catching. In general, most of the old stacks are not accessible within touching distance, if at all.

Look at the full-brick octagonal foot and how it is tastefully decorative. The foot, the cube and the cover are the three parts that make up the industrial monument. The structure is about 57 meters high. It’s hard to forget the local history with such an unmissable symbol. The giant stands on a slightly sloping plot with wild meadow plants. The path, a shortcut from Libeňský most to Voctářova Street, leads right around.

I like to state that the shadow plays on sunny days is amazing. Taking a picture with a smokestack requires hacking your creativity. Come and see for yourself.

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Voctářova 244/14, Prague

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