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Image by Katarína Mácová

Libeňský Most – Widely discussed object

Urbanism in Prague is so well adapted for walking that it is easy to wander up to the Libeňský most (The Libeň Bridge). Here’s a thrilling story about it.

The bridge, including the tram line, has connected the city quarters Libeň and Holešovice since 1928. The curiosity is that Libeňský most has never been reconstructed. It is nice to cross the bridge on foot. Staying on it, you are in the middle of Vltava’s curve. I like observing the riverside: nature in contrast with the concept of new buildings whose reflection is projected on the calm surface of the river. I am usually so interested in the whole impression, that I forget to look at the details, for example the unique lamps. Therein lies the essence of its uniqueness.

Libeňský Most was designed in the cubist style by Pavel Janák (1882-1956), the Czech modernist architect, furniture designer and town planner. The project was created in cooperation with František Mencl (1879 -1960), the bridge builder. He influenced the appearance of bridges in the city center (Hlávkův most, Mánesův most, Trojský most and Jiráskův most). The concrete of Libeňský most is actually in a poor state. In recent years there have been many professional discussions about what to do. But public opinion is clear: no one (especially architects, engineers and conservationists) can imagine demolition or any change of its character.

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Libeňský most, Prague

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