Letenská Pláň Prague

Image by Katarína Mácová

Letenská Pláň – Writing a diary in the sand

If you are fascinated by large empty spaces in the central zones of big cities, you are invited to visit Letenská pláň (Letna Plain) with its sand surface. It is a special place – here, nothing means everything. Prague had big plans to revitalize it, but the current decision respects its previous history – the same purpose it had for centuries.

Letenská pláň is a perfect place to organize events of each kind. The biggest farmer’s market once a year; circus; ice skating; theater, or giant demonstrations with 60,000 people etc. Right behind Letenská pláň are Letenské sady, green city park with a direct view of downtown. On the right side is Hradčany Castle. It seems to be so close, and really it is. It’s easily accessible, only 30 minutes of walking.

One of the latest big discussions about how to remake Letenská pň into a completely different place was about the new National Library building designed by world-renowned radical neofuturist Czech architect Ján Kaplický (1937-2009). The breathtaking giant octopus overlooking Prague seems to be too courageous an idea to receive collective consent. The long-term discussion is still open, years later.

Here you are! Come to Letenská pláň to play with your imagination, have a nice experience from some events or walk a dog. Look at the surface and you will see hundreds of tracks and paws. Letenská pláň is like a huge diary, isn’t it?

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Letenská pláň, Prague

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