Paprika Prague

Image by Eliška Pelková

Paprika – THE Mediterranean bistro

When the weather gets colder and the sun hardly ever peaks out of the grey blanket of clouds anymore, I get the worst cravings for the flavors reminiscent of the warm months. It’s usually cherries, limes and mint and Mediterranean food. I don’t know if it’s me unconsciously missing eating falafel in a sundress on the random streets at 2 AM to end the summer night with friends, but it happens.

Unfortunately, most of the places serving kebabs and falafel completely miss the -zing- Mediterranean food should have. You get cabbage and hot sauce, which is maybe enough when a little tipsy, but definitely not enough for my sober self.

Paprika popped up in Vinohrady in 2017 and instantly blew up. The bistro gained fans among influencers as well as students. They serve falafel, shakshuka, variations of hummus dishes, build-your-own-pita and vegan shawarma. I highly recommend not to miss out on the hummus, it’s absolutely heavenly.

The interior is rather small (there are only ten seating places) so it gets packed very fast, especially during lunchtime. If you can’t get a seat, take your food to go and have a picnic in the Folimanka park.

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Details about this spot



Rumunská 8/16, Prague

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Opening Times

Sun - Fri 11:00 - 20:00


Shawarma: CZK 139


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