Nový Hrad Kunratice Prague

Image by jAnina Michlová

Nový Hrad Kunratice – You’re still in Prague

Have you been walking through the city for endless days and now you’re not sure whether you’re looking at a bridge or a house, and everything looks the same and you are tired and don´t want to see any houses nor bridges nor other tourists or hipsters? Check Kunratice.

There’s quite a big park (I wouldn’t hesitate to call it woods) not so far away from the centre of Prague. It’s called Údolí Kunratického potoka or Kunratice Creek Valley, and you can easily get lost here.

But I don’t want you to get lost. I just want you to find a New Castle there, called Nový Hrad in Czech, which is actually about a 600-year-old castle (basically the same age as the Castle in the centre of the city) that does not exist anymore (well there are some ruins there, and a nice bridge) but it is not important. This place is so nice and calm that you don’t need any castle to look at.

The place Nový Hrad itself is on a steep hill and if you climb it (and you will enjoy the short but demanding route), you deserve a medal. If you are not interested in medals, there are two more ways to go up the hill and enjoy the nice woods and surroundings. And don’t worry, there are plenty of restaurants and refreshment spots in the area too — you can easily walk through the woods for a whole day.

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