Rozhledna Doubravka Prague

Image by jAnina Michlová

Rozhledna Doubravka – Only for the brave

I love lookouts. Every time I see a tower, I just have to get up there. So when I got to know about the newest lookout tower in Prague, I didn’t take long to check it out.

The youngest lookout tower of Prague city is called Doubravka – as D is the 4th alphabet letter and this is the 4th lookout of Martin Rajniš, its architect. Fyi, his fifth tower is in Jerusalem and it’s called Ester. Back to Doubravka; this crazy tower is a special construction made of acacia wood, it is 20m high and you have to climb 98 steps to get up there, and during the cold months, you have to be very careful.

Warning: the staircase moves. A bit.

The construction of this lookout is very unusual and light, as you can see from the picture, and similarly unusual is the staircase. It is not fixed to the ground – the only thing fixed to the ground is the central steel rod that is the “base” of the individual steps. So as you (or anyone), climb up the staircase slightly moves. And as the construction is very light, it means you can see through it… down to the Earth. Some people do not like this, so just be prepared.

Doubravka project was being prepared for almost three years and it took almost one year to build the actual lookout, so don’t worry, it is not only beautiful and fascinating, but also safe.

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Details about this spot



Za Rokytkou 14, Prague

Opening Times

24 hours daily


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