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Tunnel – A secret shortcut

Sometimes, you need to get from one neighbourhood to another one really fast. And public transport is so S L O W. If you are at the right neigbourhood and you know the secret shortcut, you can save a lot of time with us.

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There is a tunnel under a hill called Vítkov. This hill divides two neigbourhoods: Žižkov and Karlín. And by the way, Vítkov is the place where the third largest equestrian statue in the world can be found. So if you don’t want to see the statue and you want to see the tunnel from the ’50s that can (still) be used as a shelter in case war comes, just search for Tachovské náměstí in Žižkov or Thámova street in Karlín and get yourself covered.

This tiled tunnel is more than 300m long and for more than 60 years used to be a source of a unceasing arguments between inhabitants of both neighbourhoods: everyone was sure that the tunnel belonged to “their” neighbourhood.

Well, in 2014, the quarrels ended up in the official naming of the tunnel after the upper end, so now it’s Žižkovský tunel and we strongly recommend you go through the tunnel from the Žižkov side. Not that we live there but if you start here, you can go downhill. Easy. So enjoy your secret shortcut!

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