Nometņu street Riga

Image by Zaiga Braca

Nometņu street – Breath of history

If you have been only on the right bank of Daugava, you haven’t even seen half of Riga. The left bank (We call it Pārdaugava) has much to offer. A big part of wooden architecture is situated here. Kalnciema quarter is popular for its wooden houses, but if you want to see old wooden houses untouched by restaurateurs’ hands you should go little bit to the side streets.

Nometņu street is one of my favorites. All down the street there are wooden buildings, most of them unrestored. But that’s not all, Nometņu street is a mix of architecture – stone buildings and Art Nouveau can be found here too. Yes, and they not look like Old town and quiet center cupcake buildings. They are not renovated much either. Some would say that all these houses look sad, but I like this untouched breath of history. 

I know that it can not stay like this for ever, houses are old and sooner or later they should be renovated, so catch a moment while you still can and don’t miss the yards!

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Nometņu iela, Riga

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