Cinema dei Piccoli Rome

Image by Matteo Mueller-Thies

Cinema dei Piccoli – Cinema in a cottage!

Once upon a time, there was a little wooden shed in the heart of Villa Borghese, which was called “Mickey Mouse’s House” by everyone. This little shed one day decided to become a small cinema, the smallest cinema in the whole wide world. And so it did…

And now I decided to write about it. The Cinema dei Piccoli is effectively the smallest cinema in the world to date, they even got the official title from the Guinness World Records. And indeed it passes almost unnoticed by everyone, simply because you would never even think that there’s an actual cinema inside that small green lodge.

But there is… one movie projector, a screen and exactly 63 seats that offer some of the finest movies amongst the Roman cinemas. Which brings me to my second, actually much more important point: The movies shown there.

Now you must know that the Italians have this bad habit of translating pretty much everything you put in front of them, and the evildoers won’t even stop at movies! So finding a cinema that shows movies in their original language here is always a very satisfying occurrence.

As you may have guessed the Cinema dei Piccoli is one of those, and they show amazing movies as well. Don’t expect any Hollywood productions though, it’s mostly European independent productions that are shown there. Also, they only show two movies at a time, but somehow their choices are always outstanding, and just waiting to be seen by you!

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Viale della Pineta 15, Rome

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