Flower Market Rome

Image by Giulia Riva

Flower Market – Where florists buy flowers

Have you ever wondered where florists buy their flowers? I had, and the answer quickly became one of my favourite spots in Rome.

Pervaded by a sweet smell, the flower market on Via Trionfale is a blaze of colour bursting inside a grey, rationalist building. It is organised into two floors: one for potted plants and one for cut flowers.

Unfortunately, the flower market is not as bustling and alive as a few years ago: many stalls had to close down their shutters due to the crisis, but the bright colours displayed on the shelves somehow compensate for the cold atmosphere. In fact, Rome’s flower market is still very poetic: the pristine smell of the soil, the gorgeous blooms, the old ladies looking for something to decorate their (already overladen) tables with and all those fragrant scents are really worth immersing yourself in.

The market is open to the general public only on Tuesday mornings; the rest of the week it exclusively caters to florists.

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Details about this spot



via Trionfale 45, Rome

Opening Times

Tue 10:00 - 13:00


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