L'Ombralonga Rome

Image by Matteo Mueller-Thies

L’Ombralonga – Happiest hours!

What if you were to make a checklist for your perfect place? Well, mine would go as follows: do they have food I can place in my mouth? Yes. Do they serve alcohol? Yes. Is it cheap? Oh yes. Can you sit outside? Yes. And the neighbourhood? It rules! And the staff? Friendly as can be! Does the Ombralonga match all the points above? Yesyesyes! -okay, it’s not really a checklist anymore but I believe you catch my point.

This spot is generally known as “Il veneziano” (the Venetian) amongst the cool kids, hinting at what this place actually serves. The way I see it, Venice is famous for 3 things: canals, spritz & aperitif. Now as for canals, you’ll probably be better off in Venice, as for spritz and aperitif please do come here!

But let’s talk business: For a ridiculous 2.50€, they will make you drown in a sea of delicious cold cuts and cheese (obviously there’s also a vegetarian sea) in quantities two fully grown humans are gonna struggle to finish. Add another 2.50€ and you’ll get a cocktail or a glass of wine. Then add another one…

But be warned, chair-seekers! The place is small and promptly gets crowded, so either you get there early enough to snatch a table or be prepared to sit on the sidewalk (no worries everyone does it), thus adding to the unique atmosphere at L’Ombralonga. Also don’t get scared of its seemingly far-off location; as mentioned above the neighbourhood too is worth the migration!

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Details about this spot



Via delle Palme 76, Rome

Opening Times

Mon - Sat 18:00 - 00:30


Spritz and food: € 5

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