Rive Gauche Rome

Image by Matteo Mueller-Thies

Rive Gauche – Right to your left

I just love the “roaring twenties”, or at least the romantic idea I have of them; Jazz booming out of bars full of people dancing Foxtrot. New artistic aspirations follow the newfound economical boom, while women fight for equality and do indeed receive their right to vote in most Western countries.

Now I have one small problem: they are over. So what I do in my time-machine-lessness is go to the Rive Gauche! With its wood-panelled walls and bar, the dim yellow light, a brilliant music selection and that hint of Art Deco this wonderful little piece of the San Lorenzo neighbourhood takes you right back in time.

Also, in the student-induced chaos of San Lorenzo and its loud, vibrant bar scene (that I very much appreciate, don’t get me wrong) it’s not an easy task to find that one pub where you can go to to enjoy a good book over an even better beer, or where you’d have a relaxed evening with a friend. But, and you’ve guessed it, the Rive Gauche is exactly that.

Save for the great atmosphere painted above they have a great selection of German and British beers, whiskeys, brandies, rum and everything else you need to make your roaring experience perfect.

I usually like to go there around 20:00 to enjoy some time between me, myself, my book and my beer. Also because from 19:00 – 20:30 their little happy one-and-a-half-hour is on, meaning that you get some exquisite appetizers while paying €1 less for your beer!

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Details about this spot



Via dei Sabelli 43, Rome

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Opening Times

19:00 - 02:00 daily


Pint of beer: € 5

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