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Floor Sonneveld

About me
I was born in Rotterdam but raised in different cities in the Netherlands. In 2020, I moved back to Rotterdam. On weekdays, I am a Product Manager for an EdTech company. After staring at screens all day, I love getting offline. I find peace in long city walks with my dog and enjoy discovering new places while wandering around the city. I love to divide my free time between peaceful green spots and vibrant, crowded places. Additionally, I love to cook, get fresh ingredients on the market, go out for drinks or coffee, or discover new flavours in restaurants.

Why Rotterdam?
Rotterdam, to me, stands as one of the true cities of the Netherlands. It’s a vibrant, multicultural, and creatively charged urban hub that captivates from every angle. The city wears its history with a unique grace, the scars of WWII still visible in its transformed landscape. The bombing created a canvas for modern architecture, turning devastation into an opportunity for reinvention. Historic neighbourhoods may have been lost, but a cityscape of resilience and a relentless spirit arose in their place.

The people, fondly known as ‘Rotterdammers,’ embody the city’s character – hardworking, honest, and overflowing with pride. Beyond its resilient spirit, Rotterdam offers a diverse array of attractions. Nature spots provide serene escapes within the city’s dynamic heart. The culinary scene is a treat, with many restaurants, bars and coffee, each a unique gem waiting to be discovered.

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