Susan Bijl Rotterdam

Image by Gisela Clarke

Susan Bijl – The new shopping bag

The Susan Bijl shopping bag is an iconic item for Rotterdam. Colourful and practical, if you pay attention you will see them everywhere in the city. Different sizes, colours and models, everyone seems to have at least one.

The bag is named after the designer herself, Susan Bijl. She designed the bag as a graduation project for the Willem de Kooning art academy. The goal was to design a bag that would be able to replace all other bags, and she succeeded as the bag was an instant success. The new shopping bag comes in three sizes and is made of a super strong nylon fabric (the same fabric kites are made from). The design of the bag is based on the normal plastic bag you would find in the supermarket and proves that less is more — it is so simple, yet everyone wants to have it.

The store on the Mauritsweg is minimalistic. Here you will find most of the colourful collection, all packed in small flat packages. For a long time the collection consisted only of the shopping bag, but in the last couple of years several new models have been added to the collection like a pouch, backpack,  a special shopping bag with six colours instead of two, and my personal favourite: the bumbag.

A Susan Bijl bag is the ideal, local, original and sustainable gift for someone else or for yourself!

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