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Artur from Saint Petersburg

I love my city for bridging opposites: black & white, old & new exist and flouri...

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People at the bar, people sitting at the tables, people on the window-ledge; people are everywhere. This place is never empty but, in spite of that, you always find a spot to squeeze into.

This bar is located in a neighborhood full of restaurants, pubs and places of this kind. It can easily become a checkpoint of your bar crawl weekend.

When there, go inside and look at the wall on the left side. I had never seen anything like that before: one wall and three different pictures, depending on the color of the light. It can be green, red or blue – if you stay long enough you’ll probably see all three. Here’s a lifehack if you just want to grab a quick drink – the bartender has three little pieces of glass, you’ll see all three pictures one by one if you ask him/her politely.

The place offers a variety of drinks: craft beer, wine, cocktails, shots and of course homemade nastoyka – a drink starting from 25 ABV made of different fruits and spices. There is always a party of flavours, like bread with cream or blueberry with pineapple.

One of their great advantages is the food. It’s delicious, comes at a reasonable price and is served even at 04:00. The owners come up with new ideas for French or Italian cuisine every week. The tart and quiche are the superstars of the menu.

At the beginning, at the end or in the middle – Brimborium deserves to be on your explorer’s route.

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Artur from Saint Petersburg

Artur Fedorov photo

I love my city for bridging opposites: black & white, old & new exist and flouri...

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Details about this spot



Mayakovsky Street 22-24, Saint Petersburg

Telephone number


Opening Times

Mon - Thu 16:00 - 01:00, Fri - Sat 16:00 - 04:00, Sun 16:00 - 01:00


Beer: RUB 200

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