Myzhenaty Saint Petersburg

Image by Eugenia Ulman

Myzhenaty – Lunch with a book

I was first puzzled by the name of the restaurant when I was searching for one to go out to with my friends. In Russian, depending on where you put the space, the name could be translated both as ‘on first name terms’ or ‘we are married’. Though I think the first one correlates better with the place.

Located in St. Petersburg, which is pretending to be the cultural capital of Russia, it is full of books, though each of the 4 halls is done in its own way. I like looking through them while I am waiting for the food. You can also buy and donate books (10 roubles can be exchanged for food here and the difference is given to charity). There are also a few standalone tables equipped with sockets. You can work on your laptop facing Marata street (Wi-Fi connection and speed are excellent) or simply enjoy your solitude watching the people though the glass windows (you will be awarded a 50% discount on the menu there).

The menu is not so long but the food is fantastic, the home-made drinks are delicious (I adore the one with ginger and sea buckthorn), the wine selection is enough and everything is very affordable, especially the unlimited pork ribs at 700 Rub per person and… there is the sphinx cat Gosha going around to ensure you feel like you’re in the coziest place in the whole world – and it’s absolutely free of charge.

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Details about this spot



Ulitsa Marata 10, Saint Petersburg

Opening Times

Sun - Thu 09:00 - 23:00, Fri - Sat 09:00 - 01:00


Unlimited ribs: RUB 790


Last Changed Date: 2016-05-19 11:45:13 +0200 (Thu, 19 May 2016)