Midnight Mystery Ride San Francisco

Image by Sasha Sommer

Midnight Mystery Ride – SF’s midnight biker gang

If you’re ever awake roaming the San Francisco streets after midnight on the 3rd Saturday of the month, you might get to see the Midnight Mystery riders taking on the night in droves. Once a month, the organized Midnight Ride takes place, although no one knows where it’ll start or where it’ll end until the night unfolds.

Dozens of strangers will meet at an unknown location (announced day-of-ride) and bike through the streets of San Francisco, making several stops along the way. This follow-the-leader style event is so fun because nobody knows where the night will end up! At every stop there’s a dance party, mingling, snacking, and boozing (although not too hard, since everyone wants to be safe on their bikes!)

It’s important to dress for the weather, come prepared with snacks and drinks, wear a helmet, and take lots of pictures! When I went, I pimped out my bike with glow sticks and wore bright colors to stand out in the dark. People even went so far as to bring 12 packs of beer and Taco Bell party packs. And once you’ve done the ride, you can always plan your own city tour for the group’s next month bike ride!

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