Toyose San Francisco

Image by Marcus D'Avignon

Toyose – Korean food in a garage

Most top-notch restaurants are not in garages. This one is an exception. I overheard a coworker a few years ago say, verbatim, “you have to try this place, it’s in a garage”. That had me intrigued so I tried it out and lo and behold, it turned out to be an exceptional restaurant. It’s by far the most successful use of a garage that I know of. By now it’s by no means a secret, and in fact it took me three visits before I was actually able to get a vacant spot inside. It’s pretty much what you would expect a garage-based restaurant to feel like, but in the best way. It’s very intimate, with tables even having their own privacy shades. 

The portions are very generous but it’s by no means a quantity-over-quality situation. From appetizer to dessert, everything here is excellent, far better than your average garage-based eatery. 

As I mentioned, the only challenge is getting a spot, especially on weekends. To this I would either recommend getting a reservation or arriving before the rush. 

An added plus is that it is located a short walk from the beach, which can make a nice destination after dinner. Just be ready; an evening walk on Ocean Beach is not for the faint of heart. Dress warmly.

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Details about this spot



Noriega Street 3814, San Francisco

Telephone number


Opening Times

18:00 - 02:00 daily


Entree: US$ 15


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