Ministry of Ćejf Sarajevo

Image by Lea Petrovic-Numic

Ministry of Ćejf – Magical coffee experience

Ministry of Ćejf is one of my favourite spots for coffee, cakes or breakfast that I don’t visit on daily, sometimes not even on weekly basis but when I do I like to enjoy it to the fullest. It belongs to the category of my cravings to pay the old town and Baščaršija a propper visit that I mentioned in my article Bazerdžan. This cosy and trendy little spot is where I love to go to get a full dose of Bosnian traditional coffee combined with delicious vegan cakes. They also serve other types of coffee (in case you’re not a big fan of the traditional one) as well as other very interesting and fun drinks, sweets and tasty breakfast.

Claiming a spot at the table outside is a great experience that will pleasantly stimulate your gustatory and visual senses and bring the magical buzz of the old town to your ears — especially on a sunny winter afternoon with traces of snow on the nearby roofs.

Even if you’re cold and looking for a warm place where you can rest, don’t give up. In fact, the whole street of Kovači is full of cute little spots located one next to another. Together they create the feeling of being caught in some kind of fairy tale.

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Details about this spot



Kovači 26, Sarajevo

Telephone number


Opening Times

08:00 - 23:00 daily


Bosnian coffee: BAM 2.50

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