Zlatna Ribica Sarajevo

Image by Lea Petrovic Numic

Zlatna Ribica – A space full of surprises

Unique, charming, different, out of this world, bohemian, fairytale-like, full of surprises…This list could go on and on, but I’ll stop here, because there are simply too many adequate epithets and I don’t want to miss any of them. The best words can be found coming from personal experience, so make sure not to miss this very special place once you’re in Sarajevo.

Everything here is so memorable that it takes some time to process all the information that your brain receives. Be sure that all your senses will be under attack!

You’ll find various objects sorted unpredictably and hidden in unexpected places. The picture of Nikola Tesla might be overlooking the statue of Buddha, the TV screen is mounted on the wall framed by carved, traditional, golden-like frame characteristic for Bosnian tapestry. Let’s face it – if all these objects were observed separately it would be very hard to imagine that they’d ever fit so well together. The same goes for the drinks. There’s simply no chance that you’d get an ordinary anything.

Zlatna Ribica is so beloved because it’s a place of diversities that come together so perfectly. This place gives you the feeling like you’ve entered some parallel world and lost a count of time and orientation suddenly being so very glad you ended up here.

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Details about this spot



Kaptol 5, Sarajevo

Opening Times

08:00 - 03:00 daily


Coffee: BAM 2

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