Mejdan Park Sarajevo

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Mejdan Park – The perfect getaway

This park is located on the left side of river Miljacka. As soon as it was made, it became, so to speak, a place where public punishments would be executed, so it first got the name Sijaset Mejdan. In the mid 15th century, it became a place where people would go to buy horses, where it further got its name At Mejdan (“at” meaning horse, and “mejdan” meaning square).

Later, Alija Bakr-baba constructed a mosque in the 16th century, which later still included a school for childer. It became one of the main places of education and culture in Sarajevo. In between the two world wars, it finally became a park as well.

Today, you can find a beautiful music pavilion in the middle of it. It’s always great to go there and see little kids playing around it; it takes you back to my childhood as well!

If you go there at just the right time, you might just get lucky and encounter a girl who often goes there and plays the violin for people who pass by. Now that’s a sight you don’t get to see often that’s definitely worth experiencing!

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Hamdije Kreševljakovića 61, Sarajevo

Opening Times

24 hours daily
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