Brilliant bar Sofia

Image by Simo Stefanov

Brilliant bar – Unexpected low class coziness

Fancy places gone boring?

Brilliant Bar is something on the exact opposite end of the table.

Brilliant seems to be an oasis of unpopularity in the very heart of the city. Located in an arcade across the columns of Garibaldi square, it is surprisingly unrecognizable even for locals. You will notice that fact shortly after you enter and realize that you are the only person that does not know everyone else as they, apparently, know each other. But don’t worry, because even for locals it is the same. Anyway it would not take too long before you become “part of the crew” if you go there several times.

You can easily be confused whether the bartenders are at work or just hanging out because it seems they are always there.

The owner is a huge sports fan and you can see very rare and old authentic sport events’ posters on the walls.

Brilliant has two floors, the upper one is sort of a ‘free-zone’ where you can often encounter young guys playing guitars and singing while others just chat at the table right next to them. However second floor is currently closed while undergoing some refreshment.

Regular visitors have a nickname for Brilliant – “The Misery”, due to its appearance, but also unrepeatable atmosphere, i.e. like you are at home.

A little secret I’ll share with you is every time I pass its entrance I play that tune from TV series “Cheers” in my head: “Where everybody knows your name…”

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Details about this spot



1 Hristo Belchev Str., Sofia

Opening Times

08:00 - 01:00 daily


Beer: BGN 2

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