Ivan Vazov farmer's market Sofia

Image by Bogomil Alexandrov

Ivan Vazov farmer’s market – Fresh fruits & veggies

Ivan Vazov market is my favourite market place in Sofia for fruits and vegetables. There are also several other marketplaces like it, but Ivan Vazov market is different in that it offers some higher quality items, while the other markets tend to offer the cheapest possible fruits and vegetables.

As with every market you need to find your favourite stalls and sellers and build a customer relationship with them, so the next time when you go again you will get good recommendations on what’s fresh and what’s good.

Depending on what you are looking for I would recommend a few stands. If you enter the market from the boulevard – as soon as you enter the market turn right, walk a few meters and then turn left. The first stand on your left there is a lady selling not so many, but good quality items. I can particularly recommend buying from her – beans, lentils and the potatoes are just great. The next stand on the right sells good and fresh cucumbers and tomatoes and just about anything good that you need for a salad.

If you keep walking down the line there is a crossing that you will reach. At this crossing the stand on the right after the crossing sells very good fruits. The man tends to have exotic fruits or off season fruits too.

At the market there is a specialised stand for honey and nuts. There are also small shops that sell cutlery, pottery and other household items. 

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Ivan Vazov district, Sofia

Opening Times

09:00 - 20:00 daily

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