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Umida Boltaeva

About me
Hi and salom! I am a human who values honesty, kindness and humanity. Today my goals are to meet new people and listen to their stories. I believe that every person has something to tell. Drinking hot coffee, while hearing another voice is my meaningful leisure time.

I just love a good meal. Hence, I eat more than travel. Russian cuisine is my favorite. I appreciate simplicity, as it helps make life easier. I’m a big fan of long walks. I am Uzbek and proud to be born in Uzbekistan.

Why Tashkent
Tashkent is my home. It is warm and close to the soul. All seasons have pleasant moments to cherish. In spring, it is fresh, sunny and inviting for outdoor activities. In summer it is extremely hot, but shaggy trees save a shady spot for the daytime pedestrians. Autumn in Tashkent is magnificent: warm, pleasant with 50 shades of fall. In winter, Tashkent is less active outside, but life is in full swing in cafes and restaurants where city dwellers warm up in companies big or small.

Tashkent has a special and welcoming atmosphere. I just love living here. As the saying goes: East or West, home is best.

Where else can you find me online?

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