Mahatmagandi street Tashkent

Image by Umida Boltaeva

Mahatmagandi street – Old Russian Neighborhood

The day I headed to explore old Russian block, my mood was down because of heavy thoughts of the past still haunting me. The best remedy was to get away and dive into past atmosphere prevailing in the Mahatmagandi and Asaka streets.

This area still keeps the spirit of early Soviet period reflected on buildings with Turkestan style interior. The first construction located right at the foot of the street is a former military school. The wide brick building remains the same as it was in 19th century. It definitely stands out with its noble view and high quality work.  Now, the building serves as a Banking and Finance Academy.

Moving further down the Mahatmagandi street you see many early Soviet style houses. This so-called former Russian community spot preserved small dwelling houses. Luckily, few constructions survived and avoided modern interior intervention. I should note that European style community differs from national  mahala  (Uzbek neighborhood) district. The main difference is in details as façade ornament, wooden gates, low windows and  types of trees planted aside the road. Tenants of these houses used to be pre-revolutionary offspring, Russian immigrants and Soviet specialists.

To see the whole area go further and just wander around the block.

By the end of the walk I felt how memories of the past gradually disappeared. I have realized that sometimes a stroll into the different past story and aura lets unpleasant memories get lost. I felt freedom in this tranquil Russian block.

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Mahatma Gandi ko'chasi, Tashkent

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