Qoratosh Meat Market Tashkent

Image by QoraTosh Gosht Maxsulotlari

Qoratosh Meat Market – The meat to eat

Qoratosh Meat Market will impress you with the authentic meat choice.  It is located a bit further from the roadway, amid nine-story buildings in Qoratosh district. The shop is pretty small, with only a few fridge counters but packed with a variety of meat goodies.

At the shop, you can buy traditional meat items such as horse meat sausage (qazi), beef and chicken rolls, tandoori grilled beef (tandir go’sht), stew and many more. This may sound weird, but my favorite type of meat is the steamed lamb tongue. The lamb tongue does not look attractive at all; it is all about how gentle and delicious it is. You either love it or hate it!

Many come here to buy high-quality Uzbek horse meat sausage – qazi. Uzbeks are fond of the filling horse meat sausage, especially in winter. Qazi tastes a bit salty and the fat on the edge makes it tender. The more you eat the more signals your brain will receive to keep feeding yourself. As for me, qazi is more than a sausage, it is a delicacy to savor. However, for those who suffer from high blood pressure, only a few pieces will do — this “powerful” sausage may increase your blood flow.

The market’s mission is to sell high-quality meat products to keep true meat lovers coming back. Come and try the taste of Uzbek meat.

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Qoratosh ko'chasi, Tashkent

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08:00 - 19:00 daily


Horse sausage >: UZS 70000
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