Chorsu Bazar's Bread Section Tashkent

Image by Armin Begic

Chorsu Bazar’s Bread Section – Tashkent bread

Chorsu bazar is a famous destination among many travelers. The bazar radiates vibes of local-style shopping, which also result in beautiful snaps. However, the special bread section in the bazar might be missed by the same tourists, despite being pretty well-known among locals.

The bread section is located on the left side of the blue-domed market. Any random local can guide you to this destination. Right before entering the section, you can see some people insistently offering the most common type of bread – lepyohskas. Please go inside, as there you will witness the crusty collection within.

Now you are in paradise of Uzbek bread (“non”). The pleasant and warm aroma of bread is all around. Sellers skillfully decorate their counters with traditional Tashkent-style bread – patir. This flatbread is thicker, heavier and does not go bad quickly.

The most popular bread is quda patir, which stands for “matchmaker bread”. It looks beautiful: it’s a butterscotch-round-shaped flatbread with curved patterns and seeds on top. Uzbeks buy quda patir for events connected with wedding traditions. I buy it whenever I’m visiting Chorsu bazar, no wedding purposes so far.

A number of other Tashkent-style breads such as shirmoy non – soft white bread, lochira- shortbread, jizza non– bread with tiny lamb rinds – are always the most respected treats on an Uzbek table.

The best combination with any Tashkent-style bread is a cup of qaymoq – organic cream. Dip the warm bread into the qaymoq and feel the authentic taste of Uzbek breakfast!

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Details about this spot



Chorsu Market, Tafakkur ko'chasi, Tashkent

Opening Times

Tue 08:00- Sun 18:00


One bread: UZS 8000
Last Changed Date: 2016-05-19 11:45:13 +0200 (Thu, 19 May 2016)