Eski Shahar Tashkent

Image by Maureen Barlin

Eski Shahar – The Old City

Welcome to the Old City! It is warm here: it is a piece of an oriental tale and a museum of the Quran of the Rightly Guided Caliph “Uthman ibn Affan”. In a country like Uzbekistan, tourists are attracted not by deserts and modern buildings, but by ancient architecture and oriental flavor. Unfortunately, the Old City in Tashkent is not very popular for some reason.

The old city in Tashkent comprises residential buildings of the late 19th century. There are also medieval architectural monuments: the “Hazrati Imam” Mosque, the “Baraqhan” (built in the 16th century) and “Muyimuborak” madrasahs (where an ancient Quran is stored). All this is a single complex belonging to “Hazrati Imam”, the religious center of Tashkent, located in the old city among residential neighborhoods with mud houses. The complex looks like it’s a single building, because during restoration similar materials were used.

The name “Old City” arose even during the period of tsarist colonialism, when it was decided to build a new city. The Anchor Canal began to be considered the secret border between the New and Old cities.

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Karasaray Street, Tashkent

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24 hours daily


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