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Hogwarts in Tbilisi – Harry Potter school

Tbilisi is a city where you can find many interesting buildings with different architectural styles, but not many people know that you can find a little school that looks like Hogwarts and is also knows as as Hogwarts by the local people.
The school was built during the 19th century by architect Alexandre Ozerov. Located at the corner of Asatiani and Dadiani street. It was a German boarding school for women, which then became a Russian school and now is finally Georgian school N58.

The building is designed in the style of gothic revival, which gives it its mystical appearance. The gymnasium included a Lutheran church and organ in it, even now a set of old church doors with colorful windows and crosses can be found inside the building. After restoration, the original look was preserved. It also served as an infirmary during the First and Second World Wars.  

I have always found this building interesting for its unusual ornaments and style. They makes me wonder whether or not it hides mystical stories and what other interesting things have happened inside. 

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