Shadow Theatre Tbilisi

Image by Beqa Javakhishvili

Shadow Theatre – Hands, lights and music

I love all the forms of art but theatre is something magic for me. I always suggest visiting Georgian theatres just to see the buildings, their architecture and interior designs and also to enjoy some nice performances. But for the foreigners there is always a huge problem – the language!

I thought a lot about it and I found a good solution: the Shadow Theatre. It means no words, just the movement of hands, light and music. And the most incredible about it is how they can create a story and tell it to us with only lights and hands.

The name of the actor company is ‘Budruguna’ and they are from another city in Georgia, but they have their performances on one of the stages of Rustaveli National Theatre in Tbilisi. They have two performances:

1. ‘Four seasons of the year’. It’s a story of a little bear cub and about its adventures from spring till winter.

2. ‘Isn’t this a lovely day’. It’s based on Ella Fitzgelard’s and Louis Armstrong’s song and it’s about their love story.

It was a long time ago when I watched the Shadow Theatre’s performance for the first time, and even now I always try to go back to enjoy this cute, tiny theatre world. It’s something special sitting in the dark room where there is only you, nice music, yellow lights on the stage and magic hands that tell us lovely stories.

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