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Image by Mariam Tatarashvili

Sulphur Baths – Revitalizing every cell

I had quite a privileged childhood, if having bread for dinner and seeing coconuts in real-life counts. True story. In 1998, my father brought a coconut from Germany, along with pistachio nuts and Nutella and even my parents were seeing those for the first time.

Another highlight of my childhood was the hot water in the bathroom (coming directly from the tap) and while others had to reheat water separately on their own in order to wash, I had my own tiny hot sulphur bath at home. I even remember our relatives coming to us just for that.

At that time I had no idea what I was taking for granted. I was just a kid, having fun with my sister and wondering why the water smelled so bad.

But now I can tell – hot Sulphur Bath was, is and will always be, the symbol of Tbilisi. Even the name “Tbili” means warm and the city was named after it.

Abanotubani (Bath district) is full of various baths but Chreli Abano (colorful bath) will definitely catch your eyes.

The blue-colored, dramatic, Persian-style facade can trick you into thinking it is a mosque, but as soon as you go closer, you will definitely smell this nonmetallic chemical element.

The venue includes men and women shareable public pools as well as private rooms for any budget.

You just have to decide: traditional Georgian scrubbing or typical massage? Extreme experience or comfort?

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Chreli Abano, Tbilisi

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08:00 - 00:00 daily


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