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E7E – E përshtatshme Bar Kafe, Librari

E7E is my favourite relaxing place where I can have coffee, eat and read at the same time. When students in Tirana have a work group or a project to finish then you will find them there. Professors also go to E7E. I can find a variety of books here from which I can choose to read when I am having a coffee or eating something.

E7E is one of those places where I can sit for 2-3 hours and that is normal. To me it is a modern mini-library. The unwritten rule of E7E is to be very quiet in specific areas. You will find al least 5 different spots in E7E where to sit, depending on what you want to do. Thus, your activities include reading, having conversations, eating, working on a project or movie night. What I like the most is that E7E is a place where I can find both a smoking and a non-smoking area.

As such, the E7E is a very inclusive place. Its style makes it very warm and friendly. You will definitely find your favourite spot in E7E. I particularly adore the rainy days at E7E in the otudoor area covered with very transparent plastic glass. In the winter E7E also provides a very special way of heating that area with a stove.

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Jul Variboba 1, Tirana

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07:00 - 23:00 daily


Sandwich: Lek 180


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