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I'm a hyperactive urban human being. Turin is magical; understatement is a way o...

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Il Baracchino Itinerante, literally The Itinerant Eatery, is a fresh-cooked vegetarian lunch-box delivery service based and operating in Turin.

Every Sunday evening they publish next week’s menu. It usually consists of five/six different full-meal dishes plus a couple of desserts/fruit choices. They also very often put in some daily specials.

You can place your order during the morning until noon and have it delivered at lunch break by a bike messenger (not from a food courier company) together with all the essentials (fork, knife, chopsticks, tissues).

I love Il Baracchino Itinerante for many reasons.

First of all, they offer many options to place your order and they are really flexible about it: you can call, write via Whatsapp or chat via Facebook.

The portions are quite big and every lunchbox is prepared with fresh ingredients from a local farm. The menu mixes different culinary traditions like Italian, Thai, Mexican, and others.

They care about the environment and they are against waste: not only is the delivery by bike, they also use compostable packaging and simple brown paper bags.

Last but non least, Sabrina, the owner-chef-manager-sometimes also bike messenger, is extremely nice, passionate and talented.

Besides the delivery service, since late 2017 they have transformed their kitchen into a small eat-to-go restaurant where you can have their tasty dishes right away.

Il Baracchino Itinerante is my favorite choice when I cannot bring my own lunch-box from home or whenever I want to eat something healthy and properly cooked.

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Tatiana from Turin

Tatiana Bazzi photo

I'm a hyperactive urban human being. Turin is magical; understatement is a way o...

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Via Belfiore 41, Turin

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Opening Times

Mon - Fri 10:00 - 18:00


Lunchbox: € 7


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