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Adelina Wong

About me
Hello! I’m Adelina, a globetrotter and digital marketing specialist. By day, I work in marketing, helping brands tell their stories using social media and online platforms. By night, I run a travel blog called Pack Me To. I have been traveling for as long as I can remember, living abroad in the Netherlands and Hungary.

You can often find me behind the camera lens or out exploring new places. When I am not out exploring the world, I enjoy trying out new recipes in the kitchen, participating in pub quizzes and exploring my hometown of Vancouver.

Why Vancouver?
Vancouver is a beautiful city with its snow capped mountain backdrop, long sandy beaches and a melting pot of cultures and delicious foods. There is something for everyone in the city and there is always something to do whether it is exploring nature or trying some new type of cuisine.

I love that the mountains and trails are only a short drive away. I love that a swim in the ocean is possible (albeit a little chilly!). I love that no matter how long I am away from Vancouver, I miss it and look forward to being reacquainted.

Where can you find me online?
Pack Me To

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