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Roz Regan (1971)

About me
A world traveler and one to take the path less trodden. I got the travel bug from my father and can remember always going to local places, recommended by locals for locals for the best food, drink and sights where ever we traveled.

Currently I work in marketing but with a love of travel and an eye for a cool local spots I’m always up for sharing my knowledge.

Why Vancouver?
The west coast of Canada and Vancouver have a very different feel than the rest of the country. It’s the most temperate place in all of Canada and lends itself to a lot of outdoor activities year round. It has played host to the Winter Olympics and I think most of the visitors are still here.

It’s constantly reinventing itself with cuisines from all over the world, a multitude of festivals to suit any wish and boundless local breweries. I like going to different neighbourhoods, seeing what has changed, the more off the beaten path the better. Welcome to Vancouver!

Where can you find me online?

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