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Sean Garrity (1987)

About me
My name is Sean and I am a born and bred Vancouverite. This city has been my home for my entire life and I couldn’t be happier. I find outdoor adventuring exhilarating, beer delightful, and coffee exquisite; Vancouver has it all.

When I am not working as an Electrical Engineer I spend my time exploring all of the splendour Vancouver has to offer. Whether I am hiking up the mountains, exploring new neighbourhoods or sampling the menu at the newest restaurants I always try to find something new. Not everything I try is the best but when I find something truly outstanding I want to share it with everyone.

Of all the wonderful places I have found in this city the greatest are events that bring people together. This can be anything from long table dinners to huge festivals. Connecting with new people in a place where they can feel at home, these are the best events and this is what I hope I can do here on Spotted by Locals.

Why Vancouver?
Sitting on top of a mountain enjoying a bottle of local craft beer, this is what Vancouver is to me. I absolutely love Vancouver! I love living here, I love exploring here and I love showing it all off.

Vancouver is one of those rare cities that has absolutely everything! In a single day you can go from skiing on a world-class mountain to kayaking through some of the most pristine wilderness in the Pacific Northwest. Beyond the natural beauty Vancouver also has a magnificent culinary scene that includes delectable restaurants, dynamic coffee roasters and a rapidly growing selection of craft brewers.

The winters here are mild and the summers here are wild. Vancouver summers are filled with beaches, festivals, music, and shows. There is no better place in the whole world.

Vancouver is my home, I love it here, and I am excited to share my city with you.

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