Las Sobieskiego Warsaw

Image by Magda Przedmojska 2016

Las Sobieskiego – Perfect for a Sunday stroll

If you’re visiting Warsaw for more than just a weekend, if you are a bit tired of civilization and want to breathe in some fresh air, you might be up for a stroll in Las Sobieskiego. Warsaw is the greenest city in Poland (unfortunately not when it comes to the quality of air but more due to the size of its green places), with more than 150 km2 of parks, reserves and forests.

Las Sobieskiego is the second biggest green space in Warsaw and, in my opinion, one of the most diverse. From a pine forest, based on a sandy embankment in the North, to a luxuriant reserve in the West, with its diverse and interesting areas it has green space for everyone : joggers, dog walkers, horse and bike riders. It can also boast about the reserve in the West – with wild animals and a huge oak forest.

The middle (and most touristic) part of the forest has its educational path. Take a look at Polish fauna and flora explained.

The best bus connections would be to Korkowa-Cmentarz (buses 115, 173) in the North, Cmentarz Ofiar Wojny (buses 115, 305) in the West or Wawerska (buses 704, 720, 730) in the South.

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