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Image by Stefano Nardone

Warsaw Street Art – Alone in Mokotow

Most of the people I know share the opinion that Mokotow is a nice district to live in but that it doesn’t, unfortunately, offer any aesthetic attraction to people living there.

I can partially agree with the statement, since it is true that Warsaw was more than 90% destroyed during WWII and there is not much architecture left, in the traditional sense, worth photographing. Still there are many attractions for the people that understand art in a personal way.

Having a walk in Mokotow can be fun for street art lovers – specifically, close to Pulawska street, there are many spots that can make the walk really interesting. In the last 20 years, there are more and more street art attractions appearing in Warsaw and the concept has also evolved into a new way for museums and historical spots to advertise themselves.

While traditional guides will go to Powisle District (it’s true that there are many street art spots there), I recommend having a look at Mokotow, where restaurants and fine dining are populating the streets and street art is coloring the gray communist walls – communist architecture is also fascinating, by the way. 

The walk starts from Unii Lubelski Square and ends at Krolikarnia Park, but still the most exciting part of Mokotow can be found to the left and to the right of Pulawska. 

I love getting lost and discovering my city. That’s why I’m always late.

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